Friday, March 27, 2009

Starting Out

Peace and Good,
This is my first posting for this new blog. I am a Conventual Franciscan Friar from St. Anthony Province. My ministry is evangelization, so I travel from parish to parish preaching, teaching, celebrating the sacraments, etc.

In my future postings, I will speak about what I have found and learned in the various parishes and retreat houses that I will visit.

I will also share information on the writing and taping projects that I and the other Companions of St. Anthony are undertaking.

I will share some of my theological reflections and questions.

I will also share some of what I have discovered in the books that I am reading and listening to along the way. (There will also be a section for book reviews done by me and the other friars on our spiritual reading.)

Feel free to write with comments and questions. I will try to respond to them as soon as I can.

Please keep me in your prayers. You will be in mine.


fr. Jude